Cloud Databases
at Your Command

Make Aptoli Cloud Databases the most dependable part of your infrastructure.

Rescue your development time from the grips of nodes, RAM, and disks and go do fun things again!

# curl -X POST -H Auth k9nnryrj:\
{"colony": { "ip":"", port:"44112"}}
# redis-cli -h -p 44112
redis> SET "greeting" "hello from aptoli"
redis> GET "greeting"
"hello from aptoli"
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Be the King of Your Colony

Everything you need to know in a unified interface. Create and destroy your databases (Colonies), query, modify, and everything in between visually in your Aptoli control center, or through the powerful Aptoli API. Integrate this functionality easily into your existing deployment and maintenance tools to make your databases the most reliable and programmable part of your infrastructure.

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Performance and Capacity to Spare

Built on the best hardware and orchestrated by outstanding software, the only thing you need to think about is working with your data: not hardware, not nodes, just data.

Aptoli Cloud scales performance automatically to match the traffic load that you throw at it—go ahead and grow and grow and grow.

We run all of our infrastructure in-house in the industry's best datacenters so you know that you'll get the absolute best performance and the best and safest environment for your data possible.

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Resilient in the Face of Failure

Every Aptoli Cloud component is built from the ground up with redundancy, and your data's safety, in mind. Multiple copies of your data exist at all times and a single copy never exists alone. Our extensive monitoring system, in-depth data integrity checks and backups are continuously run for your data's integrity and your peace of mind.

With controllable consistency, you can be sure that when you write data into Aptoli Cloud it is committed and safe.

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Security from the Start

Aptoli Cloud has been designed and developed with security as the number one priority. From default deny firewall rules, to auditing, filtering and encryption, the security of your data is always first priority.

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Support fit for a King

Veteran support agents are here to help with your most complex questions. We've built and supported infrastructure big and small and have seen it all. We're just a phone call or email away. 24/7/365.

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Broad, Powerful APIs

Integrate Aptoli Cloud into your operations with a suite of broad and powerful APIs. Control everything: create and destroy databases, add and remove security, know how much data your application is consuming at all times, and much more!

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Data from a Single Source

Connect to a single place and query. It's that simple. Your app sees a unified view of your data, no matter how large or small, and without thinking about nodes and other operational details. We think 'nodes' is a bad word, anyway. An advanced, provider-grade network and superb software ensures that your app can run unmodified.

Unlike some services, your application sees no redirects, multiple hosts or has to manage multiple IP addresses or ports, which is great for reliability. Connect and query. It's that simple.

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