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Pay-as-you-go Cloud DBaaS
Aptoli Cloud Redis
per GB per hour
per GB per month
Other protocols, including memcache, mysql, elasticsearch, and more are coming soon!

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Does your project want to store a lot of data, data for a long time, or something in between and are looking for special pricing? Send us a message, and we'd be happy to discuss custom pricing for your project!

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Hourly pricing makes easy

Simplify your budgeting and get no surprises at the end of the month because every month is February: 28 days (672 hours). All Aptoli Cloud databases are billed hourly only for the data you store, nothing more, nothing less.

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Also Included

Access to powerful tools like the Aptoli command center, robust APIs, and backup and restore are only the start to the tools available to you when you build a new database on Aptoli. These and much more!

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