Why Choose Aptoli Cloud?

Cloud Databases are all we do.

Aptoli Cloud pulls together all the best features of running in the cloud: speed, programmability, and reliability to now make your databases the most dependable and delightful part of your infrastructure.

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Go hands off 24/7. We'll take care of it.

Cloud databases are all we do. And we also think that 'nodes' is a bad word, so we don't make you think about them. We own, manage, and support the best hardware and software in the industry's best datacenters as part of our unique Database-as-a-Service product. You only have to think how you want to use your data and nothing else. Leave the rest to us.

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At scale: big or small

Aptoli Cloud automatically scales its infrastructure to match incoming load and traffic for completely seamless performance&em;for any workload, large or small. Your application will be able to run at its best, no more waiting on the database.

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Data Consistency & Safety

Our data consistency and safety layer continuously checks for the health of all data stored in Aptoli Cloud. Our support and engineering teams are alerted right away, before a little issue has time to become a big issue. When your application stores data, you can be sure that it's safely stored.

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Security at Every Level

The Aptoli Cloud platform has security and integrity built in from day one. From default deny firewall policies, to auditing, filtering and encryption, the security of your valuable data is always our first priority.

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The Best People, The Best Infrastructure

We've built our team with people from every area of technology, support and design and they are committed to building only the most secure, resilient, and best performing database product available so you can feel confident that your data is safe and always available.

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Clear and Uncomplicated Pricing

Make budgeting for your cloud database storage as simple as multiplying three numbers. We offer only hourly-based pricing and every month is the same length so you can track your spending easily and quickly.

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